How to buy Bitcoin?

Want to learn how to buy bitcoins or other digital coins as quickly and easily as possible? Then read this review carefully. We will consider in detail all possible purchase options, as well as tell you what risks they are associated with and in which cryptocurrency it is most profitable to invest at the moment.

How to buy (recharge) Bitcoin Bitcoin in the terminal of Ukraine?

Can I buy Bitcoin through the terminal Ukraine? Yes, it is possible through the Xbit.Cash service. Use, for example, an EasyPay or IBox device in this way:

sеlect the XBIT MARKET service from the “Other Services” subsection or via search.

Enter your mobile number.

Make a payment on the amount for which you decide to buy Bitcoin for the hryvnia. Agree with the operation. Take the check.

Please note: the terminals do not provide a transaction fee.

After performing the operation in the terminal, visit the official website Xbit.Cash . Register on it if you do not have a Personal Account yet. For authorization you need a pair of “login” and “mobile phone number” (the one you specified during the operation in the terminal). In SMS you will receive a one-time secret access code.
The balance in your personal account will already be purchased digital coins. You can use them as you wish. For example, to pay for purchases in online stores or to transfer to another wallet.

A little different option Buy (recharge) Bitcoin Bitcoin in the terminal of Ukraine Ibox, City24, 2click
Important! The cryptocurrency will be transferred to the balance on the website at the rate that was in effect at the time of the transaction through the terminal.

Buying a crypt through specialized exchanges

The first option, which we advise those who wish to “buy biteco”, is to appeal to specialized digital coin trading exchanges. You can buy the necessary types of cryptocurrency here for fiat (hryvnia, rubles, dollars, etc.), and for other cryptocurrency money (for example, to make a direct exchange of bitcoin for ryppl or dash).

There is nothing difficult in the purchase of digital coins in this way:

Choose a reliable exchange with a good reputation.

Register on the site, gaining access to your account.

Create an account and replenish it with available methods. As a rule, it is allowed to use electronic payment systems, bank cards, and terminals.

Specify the type and quantity of digital coins to buy.

Place a purchase order and wait for confirmation of the transaction.

After the transaction, the cryptocurrency will be in your account on the exchange.

Important! We do not recommend keeping digital coins on the balance of a cryptocurrency exchange for a long time. A technical failure of the service or a successful hacker attack may leave you without capital. After you complete the bitcoin exchange, transfer “digital gold” to external storage or to a “cold wallet”.

You can buy digital coins on the cryptocurrency exchange:

With the help of a search engine service. Enter the desired crypt and its volume in the search bar, for example, 15 bitcoin cash. Click on the start, and you will see all the possible options for buying at the current rate. But note that the course may not be beneficial for you.

Buying at the desired cost. Suppose you decide to buy bitcoin in Ukraine at a specific price. Indicate the desired course, and create an appropriate order application on the exchange. As soon as the offer corresponding to the specified parameters appears, the transaction will be carried out. The minus of the option is that it is possible to expect “your” course for a long time.

So, all you need to do is decide for yourself – buy Bitcoin and go to the exchange.

Buying digital coins through the exchange point

You can also make a bitcoin exchange quickly and easily using our exchange service, for example, Buy Bitcoin (Visa Card) / Master Card hryvnia or here: Buy Bitcoin (Bitcoin) from Visa / MC world you need:
List the other fiat money you want to use for “bitcoin obmen”.

Mark the type and number of crypto coins that you want to receive as a result of the transaction. Suppose you studied the course of Bitcoin hryvnia, and decided to give Ukrainian money for “digital gold”.

Agree to the terms of the exchange, if they suit you.

Similarly, you can exchange bitcoin for fiat money. Examples of the well-known online exchangers available for residents of Ukraine are bitexchanger and bitcoin 24. By the way, the last specified service will allow you to buy bitcoin through private24.
Buying through a purse of digital coins
Some crypto wallets are not only for storing, but also for buying digital coins. If your repository belongs to this list, you should:
Go to wallet.
Go to the “Exchange” section.
Specify the desired amount and type of digital coins, the method of payment.
Thus, you can purchase bitcoins ukraine with the following advantages:
No risk.
But do not forget about the shortcomings of the solution: the fact is that the payment system takes a commission for any exchange, purchase and sale transactions.

What digital coins should I buy?

It is unlikely that someone will be able to provide you with the correct list of digital coins, the cost of which will go up with 100% accuracy. One can only assume, predict and make recommendations.
In recent years, many promising cryptocurrency collapsed in value. Moreover, many seemingly profitable and reliable projects were closed. Take for example the story of “digital gold”. With 20 thousand dollars for one bitcoin coin, the rate fell to 6 thousand dollars.
Let us single out those digital coins that seem the most promising at the moment (including taking into account the level of project capitalization and the number of transactions performed). Let us say right away that we will not talk about bitcoins right now. Is it worth it to invest or not – on this topic you can talk endlessly. By the way, even experienced experts do not agree – some say about the depreciation to a couple of thousand dollars, others – about the rise of the cost to many tens of thousands of “American rubles” in a few months.
Cryptocurrency Lightcoin exists on the market for quite a long time. If we compare it with “digital gold”, then it wins in greater speed of conducting transactions. Litecoin is essentially a bit of bitcoin, and very promising.
Ethereum – digital coins that can compete with Bitcoin in its fame and popularity. Thanks to them, smart contracts have become available to us. The important point is that the creators of the project are not standing still, and are constantly working to improve it. They not only give, but also keep their promises. All this leads to an increase in the value of Ethereum, and therefore to the fact that it is necessary to think about investing in these coins.

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