AML and KYC Policy
1. Xbit.Money Service – Xbit.Money website, as well as other resources: exchange bots in messengers, message boards, etc. (hereinafter referred to as Xbit.Money or Service) adheres to practices and measures in the field of countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism (AML).
2. The purpose of taking these measures is that Xbit.Money with zero tolerance refers to any attempt to use the service for illegal purposes.
3. Xbit.Money service warns users against attempts to use the Xbit.Money service to legalize money obtained by criminal means, financing of terrorism, fraud of any kind, as well as from using the service to purchase prohibited goods and services.
4. To prevent illegal operations, the Service establishes certain requirements for all Orders created by the User:
4.1. The Sender and the beneficiary of the Payment under the Application must be the same person. With the use of the services of the Service, transfers in favor of third parties are strictly forbidden.
4.2. The contact information entered by the User in the Application, as well as other personal data transmitted by the User to the Service, must be reliable and up-to-date. Upon request of the User, personal data may be removed from the Service database within 3 years from the date of the last realized User Application.
4.3. It is strictly prohibited to create Applications by the User using anonymous proxy servers or any other anonymous Internet connections.
5. In case of reasonable suspicion, the administration of the Service is that the user is trying to use the services of the Service for money laundering or for the purpose of carrying out any other illegal operations, the administration has the right:
– suspend execution of the user’s exchange operation;
– request from the user documents identifying the person;
– request, other information concerning payments;
6. All information provided by the client can be transferred to the appropriate authorities in the following cases:
– at the request of law enforcement agencies;
– by decision of courts of different instances;
– upon requests of administrations of Payment Systems
Personal information includes
– Full Name;
– E-mail address;
– country of residence / citizenship;
– Details of used purses;
– Mobile phone number;
– Identity document data;
– address of location
-Contract for utility services from the place of residence.
3.10.2. Processing of personal data means the recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), including cross-border, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data not subject to Special categories, which require written consent from the User.
3.10.3. The processing of personal data is carried out in order to fulfill the obligations of the Agreement by the Parties, the registration of the User on the Site of the Service, provision of the Customer with technical support, registration of Applications, provision of Service, consideration of applications and claims, sending messages of information and other nature to the e-mail address of the User.
3.10.4. The basis that gives the Service the right to process the User’s data is the User’s consent. The consent is given in the form of clear and active actions by the User, namely one or a combination of the specified actions: registration of the User on the Service Site and independent provision by the User of the necessary data in the process of such registration, filling out the electronic form through the Internet site of the Service for the purpose of issuing the Application, payment of the Application and Other active activities using Service Services.
3.11. According to the Final Rule of the Financial Crimes Investigation Network (FinCEN) in accordance with Article 31 of the Code of Federal Regulations 1010.100 (ff), which obliges every foreign company providing cash and settlement services to appoint a representative of a service residing in the United States as an agent for performance trial process in accordance with the requirements of the association BSA and its subordinate acts, Xbit.Money does not provide e-currency exchange services to US citizens and users residing in the United States – http: //www.fincen.go v / statutes_regs / guidance / html / FIN-2012-A001.html
3.12. The services provided by Xbit.Money may not be legally permitted in some jurisdictions. You must, consciously refuse to use the Service, if there are legislative limitations in your country. By accepting the terms and conditions of using the Xbit.Money service, you acknowledge that you are not a resident of such jurisdiction, including but not limited to the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America.

List of jurisdictions for which Xbit.Money service is not available to residents

Country Internet area International dialing code
Afghanistan af +93
Belize bz +501
Yemen ye +967
Canada ca +1
DPRK kp +850
Libya ly +218
Mauritania mr +222
Mali ml +223
Niger ne +227
Republic of the Congo cg +242
Democratic Republic of the Congo cd +243
Rwanda rw +250
Somalia so +252
Sudan sd +249
Central African Republic cf +23
South Sudan ss +211
Iran +98
USA us +1

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