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Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the cryptocurrency world. How can I create Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Ripple cryptographs?

One of the most popular wallets for working with Bitcoin is, for working with Ether On these sites you can get secure web wallets to work through a browser or application on a smartphone. The most common and secure hardware wallet is Trezor This device is about the size of a USB flash drive capable of supporting over 500 types of cryptocurrencies (the most popular are ETH, BTC, LTC, BCC, XRP, Zcash, Stellar, Cardano, Monero and many others )! Settings and instructions for installing cryptographs will be found on websites. Be careful when saving private keys and a special password phrase consisting of several words. These data must be recorded and stored in a safe place, if necessary, they are needed to restore access to the wallet.

What is a Bitcoin address?

Bitcoin address is a alphanumeric unique identifier of 27-34 characters, which is used to receive and send bitcoins.
You should know this address and indicate when buying Bitcoin in any way: for cash, for a bank card, on the exchange
For convenience, instead of the long address number, you can use a QR code.
Each time we recommend creating a new address for a new transaction, this allows you to increase anonymity and security.

How to buy Bitcoin in the payment terminal IBox, EasyPay, 2click, City24?

We offer several options for buying Bitcoin through payment terminals in Ukraine:

1) Very simple, but at the same time, not the cheapest way through the service Xbit.Cash

2) A cheaper option through the application form on our website Buy Bitcoin Bitcoin in Ukraine

3) For large amounts, replenishment is suitable in two stages:

top up your Xbit UAH internal account
buying Bitcoin from the Xbit UAH internal account

How can I buy Bitcoin for a Visa / Master Card? Or How to sell the broadcast for WebMoney?
Buy Bitcoin from a bank card on our website.
1. Choose the exchange direction: “You give” – Visa / Master Card, “You receive” – BTC, specify the amount to be exchanged.
2. Enter your details: Bitcoin address, e-mail and phone number.
3. Read the rules of the service and go to the payment system for payment.
4. After receiving the payment acceptance information from the payment gateway, we will immediately send your Bitcoin to the specified address.
5. The status of the application will change to “The request is completed” and you will receive a notification email.
Note! The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so our service recounts the purchase and sale price of BTC and other cryptocurrencies
every 7 minutes. If you need more time to pay, the bid rate may change according to the market situation.
Exchange Ethereum to WMZ you can go through all the above steps by selecting in the drop-down menu, the direction to Give Ether to Get
WebMoney. We will list the WMZ after receiving the first confirmation of the transfer of ETH.

After how much time will the Bitcoin or Ethereum be sent after making the payment?
We send the cryptocurrency immediately, automatically, after receiving information about the perfect payment from the payment gateway. Usually you see cryptocurrency on your wallet in 5-10 minutes after sending it to us.

How do the confirmations work in the Bitcoin network?
When a transaction is made, a request is sent to the blockchain network. When a transaction is added to a block, this is called a transaction confirmation. Adding 1 block = one confirmation. A transaction is considered confirmed after it has been added to at least three blocks. Such protection is needed to avoid double spending of the same bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I made out the application. The course was one, and when I paid for the course I changed, why did this happen?
Cryptocurrency rate, including Bitcoin is very volatile. We are forced to fix the course for 7 minutes and at the end of this period we recalculate it based on the market situation.

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