Initially, Bitcoin was created as a counterweight to the global financial system. The creator of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto spoke about this. Today, the turnover and exchange of electronic money has significantly exceeded the initial volumes. But after many years, Bitcoin is increasingly intertwined with Wall Street. The company Intercontinental Exchange promises to exchange cryptocurrencies and become the main platform in the financial market for this. For this reason, many experts say that you can expect a bitcoin ETF.

The question is whether Bitcoin will work with Wall Street. Many experts say that it will be easier to cash out Bitcoin and work with cryptocurrencies after that. But there are still a lot of questions. Today you can buy Bitcoin from Visa card or in any other way. A significant role in this is played by the question of the financialization of Bitcoin, that is, the possibility of selling it through secondary financial markets and instruments. Similarly, you can buy ethereum or another cryptocurrency. This question for many experts is similar to the history of the relationship of gold to money and official currencies.

Gold is primarily traded on the London market for precious metals. It is the London Precious Metals Association that deals with market statistics. Every year on this exchange I trade more than 1.45 million tons of gold. Therefore, the question arises as to whether it will be possible to exchange bitcoin as easily.

Trading in gold does not involve the transfer of the metal itself into real ounces, which is very interesting. Against this background, the exchange of cryptocurrency looks much more profitable and more transparent procedure. A significant part of the gold that is traded on the stock exchange has no real value and acts as an equivalent of values. Such gold cannot be seen physically and touched. If you need to buy Bitcoin Ukraine in this regard has even more favorable conditions. After all, metal banks are usually responsible only for the creation of debt.

Experts estimate that every $ 1000 in gold in the form of debt is secured only by $ 10 or $ 20, which is significantly less than real amounts. A significant part of the gold usually remains simply on the screen. In this light, the exchange of electronic money looks even more attractive and transparent. After all, clear and accessible tools are used for this.

This mechanism can be used for the Bitcoin market. Thus, the exchange of electronic money will be carried out according to the rules of financial markets. And bankers will be able to sell and place about 21 million coins for 100 million “screen bitcoins”.

Based on this, we can say that Bitcoin will exceed the originally planned volume limits. This is indicated by leading experts in this field, such as Caitlin Long. But to buy Tether or any other electronic currency can be much easier.

Today you can withdraw Bitcoin on a Visa card or any other bank card. This is due to the fact that e-currencies have free circulation, they can be easily bought, sold or exchanged. Against this background, the financialization of gold, which began in the 16th century, looks interesting. Then the banks began to issue loans that were not secured by real assets and gold. Bankers have discovered such a feature, according to which only part of the funds in reserve can be injured. In comparison, buying ltc can be much easier and faster, like any other cryptocurrency.

Famous economists and financiers talk about how the stock market and currencies changed after moving away from real gold. The demand for gold itself has declined, but banks began to issue loans in even larger volumes. At the same time, the money was not provided with the real volume of gold.

Therefore, many financiers and specialists would prefer to rely on their payments and bitcoin operations. At the same time, IOUs would also be stored in Bitcoins. In direct operations, only a small part of people use Bitcoin, and therefore the need for their actual payment would be small.

Many are interested in the issue of reducing the price of bitcoin on this background. But if you look at the situation with gold, then its value has not dropped to zero. However, many people tend to have real gold, while Bitcoin is not threatened. Against this background, we can predict that such actions may reduce its cost.

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