General issues

How to contact you?

Contacts and work schedule of operators are indicated at the bottom of the site. During business hours, you can use the online chat (dialogue icon on the right), Telegram or the feedback form.

They wrote to me by mail, via Skype or Telegram on your behalf and offered to make a prof-itable exchange. Is it possible?

All exchange requests, except for cash, are carried out only through our website or the Telegram bot @xbitmoneybot. Beware of scammers who try to impersonate our operators. For requests for an exchange with cash, the manager can really contact you, but this happens only after creating an application on the site and only through Telegram. At the same time, in any case, payment for such an exchange is carried out only at the meeting point.

Why am I not allowed to exchange?

The service has daily limits on the payment of one attribute or on the number of requests for the exchange of one user. If you receive a message about the ban, then the limit of applications for the exchange has been reached or the requisite to which you want to transfer has already been replenished today. Postpone the surgery until tomorrow.

Registration on the site and verification

Is registration required on the site?

Registration on the site is not required, but it has advantages. For registered users, a cumulative loyalty program with a discount of up to 1% is provided. Also, registered users can take advantage of the affiliate program and earn with us.

Is verification required?

Most transactions do not require verification. It is needed only for transactions with bank cards and only for large amounts. Verification is performed on the page What exactly is needed for verification you will find on the page.

What should I do if I can’t verify my e-mail during registration?

If you receive an error on the site when confirming your e-mail address, please use the recovery form

Are there any bonuses for regular customers?

All registered customers are offered a cumulative discount, the amount of which can reach 1%. The more exchanges you make, the more you save. Only those exchange requests made by authorized users are taken into account, so do not forget to log in.

How to earn with you?

We offer an Affiliate Program where you can receive up to 20% of our income from each successful exchange made by the client you referred. All details are described on the page

How do I take a photo of a card for verification?

To verify the card, you need to take a picture of it against the background of our website. You can hide or close the central digits of the card and its validity period with your finger. It is necessary that the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number remain visible. An example of such a photo:

How to make an exchange?

How to exchange funds?

To create an application, sеlect the exchange direction (“You give” and “You receive”) on the main page of the site You will see the current rate and the reserve of the exchange machine. Be sure to enter your e-mail, it will receive notifications about the status of the application. You can also use Telegram bot @xbitmoneybot . If you did not find the desired exchange direction on the site, sorry, it means we do not have it.

Is the exchange performed automatically?

All directions of exchange (except cash) work automatically and around the clock. We do not do manual translations.

How long does it take to process exchange requests?

It takes several minutes to process an exchange request after a successful payment (except for cash and Paymer checks). In the case of cryptocurrency exchange, exchange requests are considered paid after the 2nd confirmation appears in the blockchain network.

There is no direction on the site. Can you exchange manually?

If you did not find the desired direction on the Xbit.Money service, then we do not have it. All directions of exchange (except cash) work automatically. We do not do manual translations.

Is it possible to exchange WM without a passport?

Exchange of WM on the service is possible if your WMID in the Webmoney system has a certificate not lower than the formal one.

Can I exchange funds from a P-wallet (WMP) on the service?

Unfortunately, this option is not available at the moment.

Exchange problems

I get the error “The specified parameters do not match the system member”. What to do?

Such an error is possible if the data that you specify when creating an exchange request differs from those specified in the Webmoney system. Please check if you entered your First Name and Last Name correctly when creating an exchange request.

What should I do if I incorrectly indicated the account for payment?

If an invalid payment requisite is specified, the exchange request will not be executed. To resolve the issue, you need to contact our support service at [email protected] If the request for the exchange is completed and the payment has been made, it cannot be canceled.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Why the request was not completed, although the cryptocurrency has already been sent?

Applications are processed automatically immediately after receiving 2 confirmations in the blockchain network. You can check the availability of confirmations of your payment on one of the public resources. To do this, copy the number of your cryptocurrency wallet and enter it in the search for the cryptocurrency browser:

At the same time, you will see the details of your transaction, as well as the presence and number of confirmations.

What is “transaction confirmation”?

Upon receipt of the cryptocurrency, the new owner cannot immediately dispose of the funds. Once a transaction is made, it is sent to the blockchain network for execution and must be included in a block in order to become legitimate. The process of including a trans-action in the found block is called transaction confirmation. Inclusion in 1 block = 1 confirmation, when there are 6 or more such confirmations, the transaction is considered confirmed, but 2 is enough for our service. Such a function was introduced to protect against repeated spending of the same funds (see “double-spending”).

Cryptocurrency operation is not confirmed for a long time. What does it mean?

The speed at which confirmations of cryptocurrency transactions appear depends on the following factors:

  • The current load of the blockchain network (the ratio of the number of transactions created to the number of generated blocks);
  • Transaction fee (the higher the fee, the higher the priority of including this transaction in a new generated block);
  • The technical condition of the resource on which your crypto wallet is registered.

The main thing is that your transaction is registered on the network and verified in crypto browsers.


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